What Obama, Edwards and Clinton agree on:Edit

  • Supports reinstating the Superfund "polluter pays" program
  • Supports protecting water resources (including intermittent streams and isolated wetlands)
  • Supports permanently protecting and preserving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Supports the reinstatement of 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule
  • Supports requirements of compliance with existing environmental laws in trade agreement
  • Support a mandatory cap on emissions and 100% auction of pollution permits
  • Would require at least an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050
  • Would require that US get 25% of its energy from renewable resources by 2025

How they differ: Edit

  • Obama supports a 52 mpg fleetwide standard by 2026 (Clinton: 40 mpg by 2020, 55 mpg by 2030; Edwards: 40 mpg by 2016)
  • Supports a 50% reduction in energy intensity by 2050 (Clinton: 20% reduction by 2020; Edwards: 15% reduction by 2018)
  • Obama would consider a moratorium on new coal plants if a mandatory cap on carbon emissions does not slow new plant construction (Edwards: supports a moratorium; Clinton: does not support a moratorium, but only a phased-in requirement to have new coal plants capture and store emissions - very poor policy)


(needs better support)

  • Environmentalists for Obama ( group) email from Ryan Osborne dated 1/28/2008
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