People-phobic? Don't have the time to phonebank or canvas? Got a lot of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Become one of the million-plus donors to the Obama campaign!

How to donate

The easiest way to donate is to go to Obama's official campaign donation page:

You can fill in credit card info and donate right there on the spot. There are also instructions on how to donate by mailing a check.

If you'd like to make recurring monthly donations, go to:

Special Donation Pages

One of the cool things about Barack Obama's fundraising system is that anyone can set up his or her own fundraising page, in order to raise money from friends and family. To do this, sign up for a My Barack Obama account here and follow the easy instructions.

Notes about Donations

Because Barack Obama is committed to changing the way things work in Washington, the Obama campaign does not accept donations from PACs or federal lobbyists. If you're a federal lobbyist, your money will be sent back.

By law, the name and employer of anyone who donates over $200 to the campaign are published by the campaign. This information is collected in a searchable database by Open Secrets.

You can donate up to $4600 total to the Obama campaign - $2300 for the primary election (which lasts until he officially accepts the nomination on August 28, 2008) and $2300 for the general election.